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Our Vision

Green Vision Statement

Spread awareness for cleanliness, hygiene and segregation of waste. Increase green cover and work for water harvesting. All jamaats to implement segregation of waste by year end 1443 H. (2022)

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Become a member

Nazafat/Environment Committee Khidmat Guzaar’s of Bilad-Imaniyah are Required to approach their respective Aamil Saheb / Muraqib to seek their consents and Raza for Umoor-Sehat Nazafat Khidmat, by a set program from the Central Office.

Nazafat Banners

Nazafat Banners given in Ashara link above are to be displayed in Masjid/Markaz Complex, Mumeen Mohallah’s during this Ashara Mubaraka for Awareness of Cleanliness; Hygiene & Greenery (Ready to Print Banners Online Link is on this website), all are requested to use recyclable material such as cloth etc. for printing banners.

Order Uniform

Members are requested to wear Nazafat Jackets during Khidmat. Those who do not have the new nazafat-jacket can order through online link ‘Order Uniform’ on this website.

Zero-waste Management

This document provides an outline to eliminate and/or reduce the amount of waste generated – both dry and wet waste. The key is to plan ahead to guide different teams in striving to make the occasion as healthy and waste-free as possible.

Environmental Issues

Burhani Foundation (India)
Programme - 1443(H)

Burhani Foundation Stall

During Istifada Ilmiyah

With a goal to spread awareness amongst one of our strongest and largest group of brand ambassadors – Ummal Kiraam and Masool ul Mawaze, Burhani Foundation has set up stalls on its 5 streams at Khaimat ur Riyazat – Surat, during the annual Istifada Ilmiyah event, from 12th November – 24th November 2021.

Through these stalls BFI with Nazafat will share existing environmental problems and it’s possible solutions under 5 streams.

Topics include

Green Cover

Information on promoting Kitchen gardening in FMB kitchens and mumineen households, terrace planting in in community owned buildings, and indoor planting

Water Conservation

Awareness on changing water usage habits amongst mumineen, installation of water saving devices in community centers and adopting rainwater harvesting.

Zero Waste

Segregation of waste at source, recycling of paper and plastic waste at community or society level, upcycling plastic waste and composting of organic waste.

Renewable Energy

Awareness on efficient usage of electricity, switch to LED lights in community centres and installation of Solar panels in masajid and mazaraat.